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How to configure tftpd-hpa to change TFTP Server root directory

After successfully installed and test the TFTP server from the previous article, we are going to configure the TFTP server root directory. So before you continue reading this article, make sure you have read How to Install TFTP Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Server from the previous post and already insta…

How to Install TFTP Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Server

For some old network devices, TFTP Server are really important to backup the device configuration or upgrade the device firmware. Even on many modern devices, TFTP server still supported as configura…
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New Feature: Whatsapp QR Code for sharing and adding contacts

The latest version Whatsapp for Android has a new feature to share your contact with QR Code. With Whatsapp QR Scanner, you can now add contacts by image or by scanning their QR codes. This New Featu…
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How to fix Windows 10 Camera Crash, BSOD SPUVCbv64.sys Error

BSOD (Blue screen of death) is one of Windows technique to forcefully stop the system when there is crash on the system. In my case, it is green screen of death on my Windows 10 Insider preview. And…
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How to change screen resolution on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

When the first time we installed a brand new operating system, especially the operating system that do not have any GUI like Ubuntu 20.04 Server LTS , a wide screen resolution will be very helpful. …
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How to Stream Hikvision DVR using VLC

Most of the CCTV, IP Camera, DVR and NVR out there can only be accessed using Windows Internet Explorer. You need to install plugin downloaded from the devices first, then you can accessed the live v…
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