Due to the many combinations of hardware and software, Network Reverse must warn people that all downloads and advice are at your own risk. Modifying your computer can be fun and rewarding, if you are careful. Please remember that Network Reverse did not create the software found on its website and usually uses authors own description. Much of the advice found here is also common knowledge. The majority of people using the software and advice found on Network Reverse never have a problem, but that is not a guarantee and should not be taken as such due to the massive number of possible hardware and software configurations. We strongly recommend you back up your computer on a regular basis, especially before making any modifications.

Individuals who believe they have identified a case of copyright of intellectual property infringement in materials available on Network Reverse and wish to have that content removed may contact Network Reverse by email at cs@software-mirrors.com or by commenting on the post and submit a request conforming to the DMCA guidelines. 

Network Reverse will take into consideration, analyze and reply to all such requests or ask for additional information if the submitted requests do not comply with the above guideline.
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